Leupold binoculars are manufactured by an American Oregon based company called Leupold & Stevens, Inc. The company started over a century ago and has evolved into one of the leading providers of scopes and binoculars. The U.S. military and other government forces even use their products because of the quality that they produce. The integration of sporting binoculars was a later development but still holds true to the company's standard. The Leupold Acadia 8x42 binoculars are a great example. For at least a hundred dollars cheaper than the main competition, you can get these binoculars and they still are great.

Leupold have several things right with the optics but they also fall a little short with a few other things. The Ranger SRT is a little short on field of view but the Acadia puts it back up to 131 meters at a grand like the DCF CS. It also has the same 2.5 meter close focusing distance as the PENTAX DCF CS, which unfortunately is about a meter farther away than the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT. With both the PENTAX and Leupold binoculars, you can adjust the interpupillary range from 54 to 76 millimeters.

The Leupold Acadia binoculars also have a few things in common with the Eagle Optics Ranger. Other than the obvious like magnification, objective lens size, exit pupil, and so on, they have the same diopter compensation. To be precise they have a +/- 4 diopter compensation. The reason for having this compensation is so that you can get a clear picture for both your eyes. This is important because both of your eyes don’t have the same degree of focus. Diopter compensation allows you to get the focus right for both eyes, which will in turn give you a better image and will put less strain on your eyes.

The Acadia has phase correction coating, which is now quite common although not always added. The biggest issue with coatings though is the lens coatings. It's best to have fully multi-coated ones because every glass-to-air surface is multi-coated. These coatings are important because they help with color fidelity, brightness, clarity and contrast. The Acadia isn't fully multi-coated but it is partially multi-coated, which just isn't as good.

Acadia binoculars are made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is very lightweight but is somewhat susceptible to thermal expansion, despite being a thermal plastic. The problem with thermal expansion is that if the housing expands enough, it could throw off the angle of the lenses and prism. If that happens the image view may become distorted which defeats the purpose of looking through binoculars.

With that in mind, Leupold added aluminum housing around the objective lenses which should hopefully counteract the problems of thermal expansion because aluminum is much more resistant to it. As long as the two are locked together well, the aluminum should hold it from expanding. If that's the case then you won't have to worry about lenses moving or cracking open seals.

The Leupold Acadia comes with a strap for easy carrying and is relatively lightweight. 645 grams is slightly more than the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT but it equals out to be around a ounce heavier is all. Most binoculars that are this same size will fall around this weight; it just depends on the housing material and how many lens elements are inside. The difference is minimal enough that it shouldn't slow you down on your next hiking trip.

The Acadia series are covered by the Acadia Limited Lifetime Warranty, which will take care of any factory defects. It unfortunately doesn't cover accidental damage like the unlimited lifetime warranty that the Eagle Optics have on their Ranger SRT but hardly anyone offers that. As long as you're careful, you shouldn't have to worry though. Nobody would put a lifetime warranty on their product if they thought it was going to need fixing.

Leupold Acadia 8x42 Summary:

Leupold Acadia 8x42 binoculars are a great pair that is sure to perform beautifully. Leupold is known for making quality products and are used by many people in a range of hobbies. It may not look quite as good on paper as a few other binoculars but in your hands it shouldn't disappoint. A few upgrades would be nice, but all in all, it's got a great feature set and lineup of optics. All of that for at least 100 dollars cheaper than 90% of other high quality 8x42 binoculars and a lifetime warranty makes it a great option for anyone.


Leupold Acadia 8x42

It has aluminum objective lens housing.

It does not have fully multi-coated lenses, only partially multi-coated ones.

The Verdict
: 7.33/10

It has no amazing features but neither does it lack much in any area.